Halitosis: What Causes Bad Breath and What Can You Do About It?

Halitosis in Sevierville

Halitosis, also referred to as bad breath, can be an embarrassing and socially distressing condition for many people. This condition affects individuals worldwide, and many opt to use gum, mints, or sprays throughout the day to fight bad breath. Halitosis can have various causes, such as dry mouth and even certain heart conditions. Dr. Rader […]

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Do Home Remedies for Toothaches Really Help?

Toothache Relief in Sevierville

Toothaches can be incredibly painful, making it challenging to eat, sleep, speak, and focus on your important daily tasks. When you have a toothache, the only thing you want is fast, effective relief.  When you are faced with dental pain and toothaches, it is advisable to seek quality dental care from an experienced provider, such […]

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Tips on Maintaining Your Bright New Smile after Teeth Whitening Services

Teeth Whitening in Sevierville

Whitening your teeth is an effective way to significantly boost the appearance of your smile. After going through a successful whitening treatment, you will likely want to preserve your results for as long as possible. A variety of lifestyle factors can impact the brightness of your teeth, but Dr. Rader is committed to helping you […]

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Interested in Achieving a Straighter Smile? Explore Discreet Teeth Straightening with ClearCorrect Invisible Aligners

Invisible Aligners in Sevierville

A beautiful smile is an asset that can boost your self-image and enable you to feel confident while speaking and smiling. However, many patients are bothered by tooth misalignment, gaps, and other factors that detract from the appearance of their smiles, leading them to explore their orthodontic options. Fortunately, patients today have a variety of […]

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How Dental Sealants Can Safeguard Your Child’s Oral Health

Dental Sealants in Sevierville

Dental sealants are a convenient way to protect your child’s smile from decay or even tooth loss. They are typically applied to the back teeth to cover the deep grooves that are often cavity prone. Like any good parent, you are likely wondering how exactly dental sealants work to maintain your child’s oral health. Experienced […]

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Oral Health and Your Diet: Understanding the Connection

oral health Sevierville

What you consume affects the general health of your body, but your oral health is also heavily impacted by your diet. Establishing a healthy diet can save you from years of problems with your teeth. This includes tooth decay, which can occur if your diet is packed with sugary foods and beverages. Below, Dr. Rader […]

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Sensitive Gums? Here Are 4 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Oral Health

Gum Sensitivity Sevierville

Gum sensitivity can create a host of issues for patients with this condition. In fact, many individuals avoid certain dental hygiene-related activities, such as flossing, to prevent pain. However, failing to maintain proper dental hygiene can actually exacerbate gum sensitivity and lead to additional oral health issues. Dr. Rader knows that minimizing pain is key […]

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I Have Missing Teeth. How Can I Achieve My Dream Smile?

tooth replacement Sevierville

Straight, sparkling teeth are often the hallmark of a great smile, but many patients have oral conditions that take away from their dental appearance. Missing teeth, for example, can be a source of insecurity and can even impact the way you interact with others. Dr. Rader is a highly qualified and experienced dentist in Sevierville, […]

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How Does Fluoride Protect Teeth?

Fluoride treatment Sevierville

A great smile starts with a healthy mouth, which is supported by good dental hygiene practices. You have likely been advised to use oral products, such as mouthwash, that contain fluoride, but how does fluoride help protect your teeth? Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that is present in many foods and in water, and […]

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How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Enhance Your Smile

Cosmetic Dentistry Sevierville

What do a brilliantly white smile, perfectly aligned teeth, and the confidence boost that comes with having a great smile have in common? They can all be achieved through cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry procedures are designed to enhance the appearance of your smile, and each procedure and treatment plan can be customized to meet your […]

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