I Have Missing Teeth. How Can I Achieve My Dream Smile?

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Straight, sparkling teeth are often the hallmark of a great smile, but many patients have oral conditions that take away from their dental appearance. Missing teeth, for example, can be a source of insecurity and can even impact the way you interact with others. Dr. Rader is a highly qualified and experienced dentist in Sevierville, and he understands that missing teeth can be a sensitive subject for many patients. This is why your goals, in addition to your comfort and satisfaction, are prioritized when you choose Dr. Rader. For a gleaming smile that is sure to turn heads, consider the following teeth replacement solutions:

Dental Implants

Dental implants are designed to replace missing teeth with artificial ones, effectively restoring the appearance and function of teeth. The surgery involves three main components: the post that replaces the tooth root, the crown, which is an artificial tooth replacement, and an abutment, which connects the post and crown. This procedure is a great solution for those that have adequate bone that can house the implant. Patients that do not have the ideal jawbone structure may be eligible for a dental bone graft so that implants can be successfully secured.

Dental Bridge

Patients with missing teeth may also opt for dental bridges, which restore the ability to chew and improve oral health. This appliance quite literally bridges the gap left by missing teeth. A dental bridge involves the use of artificial teeth that fill in the empty space and crowns, which go on neighboring teeth to secure the bridge. There are different types of dental bridges, including:

Traditional: Traditional bridges are the most common type. Using this method, Dr. Rader bonds the crowns to the existing teeth on either side of the gap. As such, this approach is ideal for patients with healthy natural teeth.

Cantilever: This type of dental bridge is similar to traditional bridges, except the bridge is secured by only one crown, instead of two.

Maryland: Maryland dental bridges use metal wings, as opposed to crowns, to secure the bridge to the teeth. This approach is useful when replacing missing front teeth.


Dentures are another option for replacing missing teeth. These appliances come in a variety of types and are designed to last for years.

Full dentures can replace an entire arch of missing teeth and rely on other oral structures for support, including the gums and palate. Partial dentures are also a great option for replacing many missing teeth and contain metal clasps that are secured to the existing teeth to provide stability for your new smile.

Dream Smile in Sevierville

Not only are missing teeth are a cosmetic concern, but they can also usher in a host of dental issues and negatively impact the health of your smile. Dr. Rader will work with you to determine the tooth replacement method that best aligns with your goals and lifestyle. To get started, call our office to book a consultation, or use the online form today.